Thursday, October 27, 2011

Washington Post’s Coverage Of Oakland Police Rampage: Officer Petting Kitten

washpoAlso, protesters are “wearing out their welcome.” Via Wonkette:

Yeah that captures the scene just right! Faced with endless photographic documentation of the insane violence of 500 riot cops against a group of protesters in Oakland, the Washington Post editors proved they are good Kaplan 1% corporate lackeys and choose this picture of…a riot cop petting a kitten.

Providing some historical perspective on the use of gas canisters against dissidents, the news blog adds:

Chicano journalist Rubén Salazar was assassinated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with a tear gas canister shot through his skull, back in 1970. He had been told by the cops that his coverage of the anti-war Chicano movement was too sympathetic, and he was killed at point blank range by a sheriff’s deputy who was never prosecuted.

from Wayne's shared items in Google Reader

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